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An Apology

An Apology - Forums [Biker Match] An Apology - Forums [Biker Match]
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An Apology

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Sorry thomsondiane For swearing in the chatroom! It wasn't my was the Absinthe......and the 12 monkeys in pink spandex jumpsuits made me do it! Mind you the pink elephant in the bathroom did a cracking job of the tiling!

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ghosthunter @ 28/09/2007 05:16  

thought you were staying off the Absinthe?????

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 28/09/2007 05:45  

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Di @ 28/09/2007 11:28  

Swearing!!! Diane, why is he not banned? hahaha. Nah swearing MILDLY is ok in the forum topics that have "over 18 only" in the topic or similar (Like the over 18 jokes topic). In the chatroom, everything u post is public on the top of every forum page - so we must keep as clean as possible. Cheers for understanding

   Update Reply
Matt @ 28/09/2007 12:19  

Nah, he's too nice to ban Matt!

   Update Reply
Di @ 28/09/2007 13:30  

lol ok

   Update Reply
Matt @ 28/09/2007 13:38  

Repeat after me ghosthunter "Absinthe is wrong, I'll never drink it ever again!" lol

   Update Reply
Blueboy955i @ 28/09/2007 14:46  

untill the next time :::D

   Update Reply
gsrider @ 28/09/2007 17:16  

Absinthe is wrong? Oh come on I water it down with mescalin anyway ROFL

   Update Reply
rubecula @ 28/09/2007 18:44  

Absinthe is good

   Update Reply
oggy @ 28/09/2007 19:55  

Ssssh Oggy, don't tell ghostie that lol. Absinthe is moderation *sounding like a Dad* lol

   Update Reply
Blueboy955i @ 29/09/2007 10:19  

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