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well as we all know rc is board s--tless . so please put here your house hold chours you dont want to do or dont want to do , and rc will pop round and do them for you as shes got lots of time on her hands

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firebladekid @ 24/09/2007 16:41  

im sooooooooooooooo gonna slap u for that fbk i thought u was my mate????????????

i got enough to do at my house lol

thats soooooooooo gonna cost u a few beers mate

   Update Reply
RC @ 24/09/2007 16:43  

What you like at ironing rc? That is one job I sooooo hate lol

   Update Reply
Blueboy955i @ 24/09/2007 16:45  

I got some dusting & the garden needs weeding!!

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 24/09/2007 16:46  

errrrrrrr let u no when i no how to do it

   Update Reply
RC @ 24/09/2007 16:46  

see rc hun i got you some work take your mind off being board dam bet you wish all you mates though of you like i do

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 24/09/2007 16:51  

ohhhhhhh yeah fbk who needs enemys when i got u

   Update Reply
RC @ 24/09/2007 16:53  

As you're feeling bored & have nothing to do RC,can you come to mine & walk the dog,cut the grass,do me washing (clothes & foodstuff) wash me windows,hoover (whole house please) dust,do me shopping,& whack that britshit gas salesman who keeps knocking on the door just as I sit down on the throne TA very much mate.

   Update Reply
oggy @ 24/09/2007 16:57  

.... so come on people rc needs more chours to do . ps i may need a suit of armour for next time she see me though

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 24/09/2007 16:57  

Actually - the car could do with a wash aswell!

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 24/09/2007 17:00  

Cat needs worming . You any good with electrics as well? The bulb's gone in the bathroom

   Update Reply
Blueboy955i @ 24/09/2007 17:01  

oooOooo that reminds me - the shower needs resealing!

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 24/09/2007 17:07  

My house needs hoovering too. Washing up needs doing. Need to get some stuff from ex's garage and put it down the cellar. Old tv needs to go to the tip. Bike needs to go to the mechanic. Car needs washing. Windows need cleaning. Tack needs cleaning...that should keep you occupied for a while

   Update Reply
darkcarnival @ 24/09/2007 17:09  

Well once all them morning chours are done RC you can nio to my house and tidy the garage, cut the grass, take the wallpaper off in the two bedrooms.. but stay away from the porn...LOL

   Update Reply
skins @ 24/09/2007 17:38  

not comin then skins

   Update Reply
RC @ 24/09/2007 18:36  

Everybody round to Skins for a dvd night this Saturday

   Update Reply
oggy @ 25/09/2007 00:23  

oooohhh Skins, Oggy, I thought this was a respectable biker site (mmmm now is there such a thing lmao!!??) Well RC that seems to be your boredom probs sorted for the unforeseeable future!!! Personnally, Id recommend getting well asap then finding a full time job you get paid and appreciated for...........................think it might be more satisfying and definately "cleaner" lol!!?? Nice to have friends uh? You can always rely on BM thats for sure lmao!! Sandy x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 25/09/2007 06:37  

with all those chours rc should be to busy to look at porn but will agree with oggy all to skins for a dvd or 2 and then rc can pop round a hoover up all that silly string and empty beer cans

   Update Reply
firebladekid @ 25/09/2007 15:55  

cooker needs cleaning and smileys bum always needs changing.....

   Update Reply
witchiest @ 25/09/2007 16:01  

My house is spotless and no gardening to be done but you can come round, chill and share a bottle of wine or two PS: the car needs the environmental health in so you could ring em for me while you`re here!!

   Update Reply
Speedy Claire @ 25/09/2007 17:43  

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