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General Chat/Anything Goes

Love is..

Love is.. (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Love is.. (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Love is..

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Love is... .... not ripping her spleen out when she knocks the T100R over against the kerb and dent's the tank And we'd only been going out for a month (1981)

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Julestools @ 02/05/2014 00:14  

Love is..... .... keeping her ashes in a jam jar till you can be together again well no bugger else wants me

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Julestools @ 02/05/2014 00:16  

Love is ....

.... wanting to be with him even when he's coughing all through the night

.... chocolates on my pillow

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izzyhill @ 02/05/2014 11:46  

Love is,,,, giving her a muffin . Without waiting to be asked !

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dustin666 @ 04/05/2014 00:12  

Love is ,,, letting her warm her cold feet on your hot bot,

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dustin666 @ 04/05/2014 00:13  

Sharing his sandwiches and chips

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Jackyan @ 04/05/2014 20:41  

Love is....
Awaking the butterflies in your chest everytime you see the smile on her face.

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Wraith750 @ 05/05/2014 09:04  

 Posts: 27       Pages: 2/2

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