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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Grasstrack Racing. Frittenden, Kent

Grasstrack Racing.  Frittenden, Kent - Forums [Biker Match] Grasstrack Racing.  Frittenden, Kent - Forums [Biker Match]
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Grasstrack Racing. Frittenden, Kent

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XJ I bet it's not the first time you've been screwed!!!
Bikercol @ 01/07/2014 19:56  

Good luck xj. Hope you'll soon be back on the road x
Carolerd350 @ 01/07/2014 21:12  

if its not steaming hot im coming,im a southern softie and proud
stutts @ 21/07/2014 20:47  

Come anyway stutts, will be a good day , you know you want to really .

DAVE VM @ 22/07/2014 20:15  

Come anyway stutts. I will be there with shortie.
xj @ 23/07/2014 13:48  

if its not to hot I will be there,you forget im a southern softie,i melt in this cleaned that bike yet xj
stutts @ 23/07/2014 21:33  

Not allowed to ride it for another three weeks yet. And no i haven't cleaned it and yes the rain made it dirty. Hopefully see you sunday.
xj @ 24/07/2014 11:14  

what you been doing to get screwd back together
havfun @ 24/07/2014 13:15  

I forgot the avoid other traffic bit.
xj @ 24/07/2014 18:55  

oh that bit does help
havfun @ 24/07/2014 21:38  

what time you all meeting??????????????or is it a secret
stutts @ 24/07/2014 22:06  

We're meeting at the Carwash Diner on the A21 at Hurst Green at 10.30, leaving by 11.45-1200 to ride to Frittenden.

All the info including postcodes on the events calendar stutts.
DAVE VM @ 24/07/2014 22:41  

I'll be there. If it's not raining. Oh, and if I can clean my bike. And if there's not too many flies about. Hate flies.

ColinB @ 25/07/2014 18:58  

Dave don't tell the scummers where we are meeting ffs. They might turn up
xj @ 26/07/2014 09:32  

Who else will you get those 3 Strawberry Bon Bons from !!!.
DAVE VM @ 26/07/2014 09:58  

I had a brilliant day. It was good to meet up with the crew once more.
Thanks to DaveVM for organising the event.
davidneale @ 27/07/2014 21:17  

Another great day out. Never been grasstrack racing before, but it was a lot of fun.
Deleted Member @ 28/07/2014 10:25  

You're not wrong there it was a great day out, the racers are totally bonkers, it's full throttle from the time the starting gate goes up until the chequered flag. Good stuff.

There's another meeting at Frittenden on 5th October if anyone is interested in going again, if so i'll set it up.

Photo's posted on calendar
DAVE VM @ 28/07/2014 11:09  

great day. especially with dave plying everyone with sweets hoping to convince us to keep him.
didn't work though.
xj @ 29/07/2014 00:43  

Bugger and here's me thinking i was making progress in in changing your minds.

The next Grasstrack meeting on Sunday 5th October now on the events calendar for anyone who wants to go again.
DAVE VM @ 29/07/2014 01:15  

 Posts: 82       Pages: 3/5

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