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T Mobile

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T Mobile

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Many of you will be aware my account with T Mob was fraudently upgraded nearly nine months ago...the Ombudsman got involved and ruled iny favour apart from the amount of compensation I was due from them....
My advice is avoid them like the plague if you can...take a look at their facebook pages, nough tbut grief stricken customers...customer service is diabolical, no one can make a decision. Utter Utter shite....

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rossoandy21 @ 20/01/2014 15:12  

me and russ with tmobile never had a problem not always same for everyone same as with insurance companies

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zzrbabe42 @ 20/01/2014 18:19  

Was with t mob til 6 yrs ago when I switched to 3. They were shite in my experience ....but tbh all mob companys are greedy .They only want ur cash and god forbid u need their help with owt.

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kwakgirl @ 20/01/2014 23:22  

giff-gaff best pay as you go its run by the community that use it the more you use it the more you get back from it..... so if you want to know more just ask me---bill306 cheers...

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Deleted Member @ 21/01/2014 04:44  

T mobile 3 yr ago kindly id defrauded me ,,,,,,, unfortunatly my bank details went to a third party which led to me being cleaned out ,,,,, only this was done by wi fi not from a fixed pc point ,,,,, barclays fraud squad and police where involved ,,,,, this at the same time t mobile hit the newsheadlines ,,,,,,, for selling bank details ,,,,, bearing in mind the staff involved where not based in this country ,,,, surprise surprise eh ,,,,,, theres 2 diffrent points tho as I found out with id fraud ,,,,,,, if its done from a fixed point like a pc at an address it can be traced and you will get all your cash back ,,,,,, if its wi fi in a matter of minuites it can be transfered to accounts n then closed without trace as it takes time to trace a signal

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Deleted Member @ 22/01/2014 08:10  

Ive been with T Mobile for over ten yrs and yes I agree the network coverage is good, the rates competitive BUT customer service is at best limited and at worse no existent. To get a problem sorted out is a nightmare be it billing errors or fraud. However should you want to upgrade then thats made very easy..
As for Insurance companies again my experience is they fall over themselves to get you to buy a policy but many are less happy to pay out whun you make a claim.
However I've made three motorcycle claims in my life and each one was dealt with quickly and fairly.
Hastings Direct were one, Zurich another and recently Carol Nash altho obv there were Ins co's behind the brokers mentioned.
Recently a travel ins claim paid out a third of what was claimed due to the small print....but thats another story

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rossoandy21 @ 22/01/2014 20:57  

Im with mce and when the hit n run prat put me in gods waiting room they got there teeth into it straight away couldnt fault em

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Deleted Member @ 22/01/2014 23:13  

cant believe they sold your bank details Scream7 ; you got me paranoid now!!! i got a dongle from T mobile bt is there anything specific i need to watch out for then?? or it was jus something you could have done nothing about??

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Deleted Member @ 25/01/2014 13:10  

Nothin much at thr time t mobile got a right hammering by the police at the time but knowing to not trust any of the scamming gits helps lol really hacks companys off when they say on the phone security questions n I say doent trust ya matey

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Deleted Member @ 25/01/2014 20:05  

hahahaha feck em scream7 best way not to trust em i reckon especially if they have rung you

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Deleted Member @ 26/01/2014 17:22  

I'm with Bill306 GIFFGAFF is best deal by far at the moment. Would'nt have a CONtract at ANY price.................

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Deleted Member @ 28/01/2014 15:02  

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