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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Kent Event May 2014

Kent Event May 2014 - Forums [Biker Match] Kent Event May 2014 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Kent Event May 2014

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Hi Guys,
Just testing the water. I would like to organise an event in May 2014 and would like to gauge the level of interest before I go ahead.
The weekend would consist of a meet at the Chequers pub on the Saturday in Doddington Kent from noon.....Barbecue ....then live band in the evening..Local band playing anything from Eagles to Sabbath
There is accommodation available for up to 25 people and camping facilities on the same site 200metres from pub at great rates.
Breakfast on the Sunday at accommodation site then a 2-3 hour ride out on a selected route....Meeting back at the pub for an adios!
If anybody is interested please message me...sooner than later.


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Deleted Member @ 20/01/2014 08:23  

I love the idea mate, sadly I've only the one weekend off in May and i'll be up in Derbyshire having fun at KISS IV

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Ragnar @ 20/01/2014 17:46  

I'm up for this Tim depending on which weekend you choose and work commitments, like Chris I will also be at Kiss IV in May.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 20/01/2014 23:25  

OK Fellas,
Thanks for your interest...Have a great time at Kiss Rag

Will keep you in the loop Dave


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Deleted Member @ 21/01/2014 08:30  

sounds good, you have my support for this one. well done

   Update Reply
rossoandy21 @ 21/01/2014 12:45  

I am starting to get a few enquiries so I will probably go with it...more details to follow


   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/01/2014 07:20  

sorry guys but due to the lack of response this event isn't worth organising. Shame really as I had a band for free and discount on accommodation both inside and camping...great pub with lots of biker interest and a barbie lined up...never mind

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Deleted Member @ 01/02/2014 15:43  

aww.was up fpr a BBq locally too..

   Update Reply
rossoandy21 @ 03/02/2014 17:11  

How about a bit of a party get together at ours...I can get a 25% discount at the Holiday Inn a hundred yards away if u fancy more than a couple of drinks. Or room for a few tents..brr
Sat 22nd March?

   Update Reply
rossoandy21 @ 04/02/2014 08:42  

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