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Just a quick post to say bye folks, thanks to everyone i have met for being friendly and making the last month a really happy time. maybe see some of you around sometime. love lula. xxx

   Update Reply
lula @ 12/09/2007 22:49  

and where do you think you're skipping off too? Get back in here and take your punishment like the rest of us Mrs!!!!!!!

   Update Reply
Di @ 13/09/2007 03:15  

Oh dear lula i dont know whats happend but you will be missed especially in the chat room what ever you may be doing ,take care and have fun .Graham xx

   Update Reply
fjr_graham @ 13/09/2007 06:31  

awww lula why u leavin hun? u will be missed

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/09/2007 06:32  

dont go lula! we will miss u!

   Update Reply
witchiest @ 13/09/2007 06:53  

please dont go lula, i haven't spoken to you much but i will miss you the same as everyone in here. why you going?

   Update Reply
tagon @ 13/09/2007 07:01  

aww thanks guys, such kind words. have got a few problems going on my end... but am feeling stronger and better since I started this thread.. didn't realise anyone would actually miss me, im stunned! lol. maybe i will come back in a few days when I have my head together. I've had PM's and MSN's saying don't leave as well, so thanks to you all, it's nice to know your all there for me. xxxx laura xxxx

   Update Reply
lula @ 13/09/2007 07:26  

hey lula ur one of us now (god help ya) pmsl

hope u get things sorted and come bk soon

take care luv rc

you know where we all are hun

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/09/2007 07:29  

hey RC, who's this 'Us' you talk of? Don't be putting me in your category! lol. Lula don't leave!

   Update Reply
Matt @ 13/09/2007 07:36  

awwwwww matt dont u want to be in our gang!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/09/2007 07:38  

oh matt, you just want me for me 99p, lol. change of heart folks, stuff it im staying, i've decided i'm made of stronger stuff than that, thanks all, drama over....x lol

   Update Reply
lula @ 13/09/2007 07:45  

yyyyyyyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa good on ya hun xxxx


   Update Reply
RC @ 13/09/2007 07:46  

U got me! lol

   Update Reply
Matt @ 13/09/2007 07:47  

thats great news Lula, maybe we will c u in the chat room again. WB xxx

   Update Reply
tagon @ 13/09/2007 08:28  

how unusual a woman changing her mind ,,,lol

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 13/09/2007 08:48  

Oh Lula are you sure now... LOL...

   Update Reply
skins @ 13/09/2007 08:52  

Notice I said nothing until she made up her mind. Right thats sorted then Lula is staying.... or maybe she is just saying that to stop us nagging, but then again maybe she means it. Probably not, but who can tell. Hey is there a woman in the house to sort this out? (Not you RC I am still recovering from last time you sorted me out ROFL.)

   Update Reply
rubecula @ 13/09/2007 09:36  

alright alright, we all make mistakes i know you all love me really, feel like a right loon now - for a change..... lol

   Update Reply
lula @ 13/09/2007 10:16  

look like one as well.. oh oh so in trouble

   Update Reply
skins @ 13/09/2007 10:25  

   Update Reply
Matt @ 13/09/2007 11:42  

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