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3rd BM Kiss Rally

3rd BM Kiss Rally (42) - Forums [Biker Match] 3rd BM Kiss Rally (42) - Forums [Biker Match]
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3rd BM Kiss Rally

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O.K NOW IT'S MY TURN, Haven't purposely kept quiet on this, just had no internet access.. Matt you've got a damm nerve!!! I haven't read through all the posts on here but what I have read have all been positive and full of praise for what myself and Elaine achieved. From the outset we knew we were up against it, your initial email when we told you we were looking at sites in the Norwich/Norfolk area was "Why aren't you doing it in the Midlands, perhaps Stoke area" THE RALLY WAS MEANT TO MOVE AROUND THE COUNTRY!!! If you wanted it kept in the Midlands there is an event team based there! The problem over the bands which ended with folk organising a whip-round, not of our making, we took it to be that when Simon66 was removed from the events team that the 2 bands he had booked at a cost of £850:00 were cancelled, despite our efforts to contact him he never got back to us, nor did either of the bands to confirm bookings, so yes we took it as cancelled! We did have people who volunteered thier services as marshalls, did they turn up!! And finally despite personal issues myself and Elaine faced we carried on working together to try to make this a success, which judging by the posts I have read, despite minor hiccups, it certainly was a success for those who attended. To all those people....Thanks for your support..... Dave.

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old red @ 17/09/2013 19:27  

So how many bikes were stolen at the weekend? How many groundsheets got ruffled (no not destroyed that was a mis-quote) i feel with the posts and pm the biggest concern is loss of revenue, not damage to the sites integrity and reputation. T'internet is fluid enough that whatever was put on facebook this week is forgotten next. I still note however that kiss3's detractors are still in the minority.

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xj @ 17/09/2013 22:06  

And by keep going on about it day after day it keeps making it worse any new members to the site will think stuff that I'm not going to there events
A few small issues that's it
1. A cock up on bands
2. A bucket went round

Yes I could make a list as long as your arm but we could do that at any event incding the big rallys mag , bulldog , rock un bike so please lets just let this go now there is nothing to defend

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JP @ 18/09/2013 06:34  

That was my first rally. It was cold, it was bloody wet. But I didn't care and to be honest I didn't know exactly where it was before we set off after we met in London. So yes, you can get the meaning that I wouldn't mind going to highlands for the rally if it was held there.

I just heard the band was talking about cancelled bands. that's all. I didn't mind listening just 1 band either. Cos, my first priority was meeting and sharing some quality time with some people. which I did.

The biggest problem for me was the food. There was not any vegetarian option to suit my diet, but hell I was already prepared for that and brought my own food. So, it didn't put me down.

Btw, I didn't see the bucket, I would have put my share in it :(

Security? Just for an example, I left my phone on my bike to charge on Friday and Saturday for a long while. All my stuff was in my tent without any security measures. Nothing happened.
At the end of the day, I wasn't expecting an all inclusive 5 star hotel weekend. It was a camping trip and lots of things might have happened.

In conclusion; I enjoyed the rally, I loved the venue despite some small things (I can't call them problems). It was great to see some people again and too meet new ones.

Yes, I had a brilliant weekend. I should thank to organisers again

And finally I totally agree with ColinB ( and steal some words :P) I'm really looking forward to next rally. I don't mind if it's next weekend. I will go, I may get wet and cold. I will enjoy the music and dance and drink and dance.

I don't know whether the organisation will be perfect or not. I don't care, it will be good enough.

Excellent KISS this year. Roll on the next one..

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crato @ 18/09/2013 11:44  

I think JP right, Lets let the matter drop.
Lets look forward to another good time at next year's Kiss,

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Ragnar @ 18/09/2013 12:16  

I am locking this thread as I think enough is enough

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Brummie Jackie @ 18/09/2013 12:26  

Dave I gotta admit people seem to be happy with the weekend which is great. My major concern was to keep people happy who had to put into a bucket to pay for the bands that weren't cancelled - that's why I messaged everyone quickly with a nice offer as compensation.

I also do feel it was stupid of the bands to just turn up after 5 months of no communication from anyone at BM, not even calling a week before to check they were still booked (and ask for a deposit maybe?).

But oh well.

And just to confirm for everyone...
BM subscriptions pay for the website (hosting, marketing etc)The KISS rally is a completely separate fund not controlled in any way by myself / BM.
It's always been this way. BM neither makes money from KISS nor contributes to it. It's completely independent and organised by whoever wants to give it a go each year. I simply advertise it on BM, help coordinate ticket sales etc. Previous years have made no profit - everything goes into the weekend (bands, camp site, etc). If a couple of quid was left over it went to the next year. From what I can remember nothing was left over the first 2 years and this year it looks like the funds run short (hence the bucket going around).

If necessary I will get more involved next year, but i've never been asked to before (actually i was asked to sod off once or twice for trying to get involved too much previous years haha). Unfortunately THIS year I couldn't get updates from the organisers if my life depended on it... communication was dreadful.

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Matt @ 18/09/2013 12:32  

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