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3rd BM Kiss Rally

3rd BM Kiss Rally (41) - Forums [Biker Match] 3rd BM Kiss Rally (41) - Forums [Biker Match]
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3rd BM Kiss Rally

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JP not all of us even know about Matt's PM never mind read it. or should I check my staff mail? I agree with Noddy, and the fact that a different venue was suggested by the organisers. I also reckon it should be in the warmer months (I know, that's difficult to gauge with our weather) altho I know there are loads of rallies taking place during the warmer months, hence the choice of September for the K.I.S.S. rally so less likely to clash. If it's in a different place every year then everyone gets a chance to attend at least one of them. Of course the venue is reliant on someone organising it and we all know not many volunteer for that job. I take my hat off to all those who organise events for the rest of us, and in MHO those who haven't organised one shouldn't be so quick to criticise. I don't attend rallies but appreciate how many folk love them, without the volunteer organisers there wouldn't be any so I say thank you to all of you. I'd help out if I attended.

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Sandi @ 17/09/2013 09:45  

Who has complained? all I read is praise on here or have I missed something????

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Noddy1 @ 17/09/2013 09:52  

the bit that got me were the comments about

To all who attended this year’s KISS rally, I’d like to apologise on behalf of BM for a few badly organised parts of the weekend.

with the changes in the organising team was everyone aware of what had/had not been done?

Not least the fact that a couple of bands were cancelled at short notice because the organisers forgot to inform them of a change in the line-up

again the changes in the organising team. lack of funds due to the smaller numbers paying.

This chance was given and unfortunately as we found out it just didn’t match up with the quality of previous years.

with a budget equal to the previous years rally a great deal more would have been attainable.

i have no doubt that this years organisers, as did last years, put a great deal of effort into organising it. the people i saw in the hall looked like they were having a bloody good time to me. after putting in so much time and effort, for free, to have an apology and a compensation package offered to attendees in recognition of your efforts is, i feel insulting.

i thoroughly enjoyed kiss2, and i thoroughly enjoyed kiss3. they were different, i took different things home, but as a weekend with mates they both worked for me, and, i feel a lot of others.people on this thread have been very vocal in their support and i am left wondering just what the problems were.
as for the bucket, it is not the only event i have been to through bm where a 'bucket' has been passed around, but i thoroughly enjoyed that event too.

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xj @ 17/09/2013 09:57  

I have to say, after reading Matt's 'apology', how insulted I would feel had I been the organiser. We will be lucky if Ellie and Dave remain members never mind organisers, and lucky if anyone else dare attempt to organise our rally in the future. Matt where is your support? The old saying (someone else quoted it on here) springs to mind 'you can't please everyone'

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Sandi @ 17/09/2013 10:16  


Why would I bother to ask you how the rally went? You've ignored all my emails for MONTHS. Your communication was me has been absolutely shocking. I've been asking you and Dave for feedback and updates for months and you constantly ignore me, which left me almost cancelling the party at the last minute because I was so unsure about how things were going. I asked other people at the rally how it went, people I know will REPLY to me!

Even the DJ would have been cancelled if other people hadn't stepped in several times to save your arse.

The highlight bands for Friday and Saturday, costing a whopping 725 quid, hadn't been cancelled (one even showing up Friday demanding cash to leave the site). The Saturday band being cancelled only at this point resulting in them slagging us off all over their website and Facebook page ruining our reputation.

Yes someone else booked these bands, but YOU knew about it and had contact with them so should have cancelled them some time between MAY and now (FIVE MONTHS!).

And security was non-existent from what I've heard, resulting in one tent being completely trashed. I heard also that tea and coffee wasn't available.

Some people would say at the previous rallies "why are these events always held in the Midlands?" and ask that we let someone else do them. So you guys were given the chance to do this. Quite clearly we always hold the event in the Midlands for a good reason - because it's always popular and well organised.

The weather didn't have anything to do with the turnout.... people didn't buy tickets before the rally, end of story. Tickets weren't being sold on the gate so the weather wasn't the issue.

Luckily people do give me good feedback. A good time was had and the weekend was rescued. However, a "success" is not ONLY defined by people having fun. BM's reputation has been damaged, bands are broadcasting what a shambles this was and we'll find it difficult to book bands in the future. Turnout was only about 20-25% of previous years (and that's down to promotion, not weather).


The website has exactly (!!) the same number of active members as last year. You might see different names but the stats are unchanged.


the theory "if you think you can do better... feel free to take it on!" is what caused the problems this year. We had a winning formula and we threw it away to "let others have a try".


I've been offering support and asking for updates the entire year... but have been completely blanked and ignored by the organisers. Just like bands and DJs were ignored. Luckily people had a good time, but some were unhappy having to pay more into a bucket to cover a band which hadn't been cancelled (read: nothing to do with low attendance, but a band NOT being informed they were cancelled). So everyone had to chip in to pay for the organisers' mistakes. I took the decision to offer all attendees a big discount on their next BM subscription as an apology. This was the least I could do. But unfortunately there's no way to undo what the bands have put all over their websites to the public announcing what a sham BM is at organising parties!

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Matt @ 17/09/2013 11:28  

Can I just say the tent wasn't trashed just the tarp at the front miss communication on that sorry

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JP @ 17/09/2013 11:44  

Matt, there must have been a reason for the low attendance - and that would only be down to the distance from peoples homes.

But that was not the case for a lot of people who did attend, who did actually travel a lot of miles to support the event.

No-one knew previously that there was going to be a cock up with the bands and that a bucket would be passed around. Therefore this could not be used as a reason for low attendance.

No-one could really say what the weather was going to be like either, so that would not be a factor.

Bury St Edmunds is a very easy place to get to - from anywhere!

So the only reason for a poor turnout is that a lot of people will not get off their backsides and go for a ride. Full stop. Put miles on the bike to support an event? Heaven forbid! Think of the re-sale value!

I would speculate that there are not that many people who have been to an event, bike related or not, and have not had to be part of the traditional "Whip Round". Nobody is forced to put into the bucket. That mistakes were made is obvious, that these mistakes were rectified in the best way at the time may be debatable, but the people posting here didn't seem to mind.

A mistake was made last year with my sweatshirt, someone couldn't read my name from the site and so it was incorrectly printed - no point in complaining to someone who cannot read, so I let it slide and binned it when I got home.

Point is I paid more for that item of clothing than any one would have contributed to the whip round - so please don,t try to make this about money either. Other people make cock-up's too.

Loss of reputation cannot be measured by you or anyone else, it is not nice to see your site slagged off and I sympathise, would piss me off too, and it is wrong. As is slating the organiser.

I did not attend the event this year as 12 miles was far too far to even contemplate riding and everyone knows that I don't travel far these days, so maybe I am not allowed an opinion. But I am overjoyed at your generosity at such a turbulent time - won't benefit me, as I didn't attend, but you gotta keep the numbers up. Great timing!

What I will say is that had I attended, I would have laughed my balls off at the cock-up, cracked another beer and chucked a fiver in the bucket and got on with it, as the majority did, as far as I read.

As for no tea and coffee, easy solution - buy a car and use a Premier Inn.

I do know Elaine, and am certain that none of the negative stuff was done deliberately, and she will be the first person to admit that, and I know that she feels bad. Maybe a little bit of support was needed after the event, maybe I am wrong and a good slating is what was needed - what do I know, it's your site Matt, do what you feel is right.

All the best.

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tri885 @ 17/09/2013 12:25  

Sorry but I got to have my say after reading matts pm. I attended the rally and had a bloody good time. I do a lot of rallies and that was one of the best organised that ive been to. The venue was fantastic. Excellant food. The band were brilliant. I think matt is out of order sending that message. For a first rally Ellie and Red did a brilliant job, all my respect and credit to them for an excellant weekend. As for a bucket being passed round, I contributed of my own free will as a thank u for a good job.

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tallbloke1 @ 17/09/2013 12:34  

I have been to a silly amount of rallies over the years and in my opinion it was an enjoyable event overall. I met a few people who were awesome that I wouldn'nt have been able to had this not been put on. I got to laugh, relax, be somewhere else, be entertained, brave the elements.. just as it should be.
So there were a few ummm cock-ups and issues with planning and execution along the way, considering the fact that the organisers have not done an event like this before I think it was outstanding of them to have done the job they did. My hat is well taken off to them, even just for giving it their all (which may I say they did; did not see them stop moving, greeting, being friendly to all the entire time).

It is easy to have an opinion when it isn't yourself making the attempt, but soo much harder to step forward and risking failure.

Love & light all

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Deleted Member @ 17/09/2013 13:10  

I'm really looking forward to next years event. I will go, I may get wet and cold, I will love the music and I will eat plenty of breakfast.
Will the organisation be perfect? Don't know, don't care, it will be good enough.
Excellent KISS this year. Roll on 2014.

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ColinB @ 17/09/2013 13:14  

All in all a great event organised by great people. This was a very enjoyable weekend and so role on the next one.

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MTS1200 @ 17/09/2013 14:33  

I think it's time we all step back now and let this drop and look back at a weekend we all enjoyed. Thanks for all of your contributions on the thread and comments good and not so good, thanks to ellie and red for there work to put this on. Now who's round is it ???? only way to find that out is go to the hallowistmus party.

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JP @ 17/09/2013 14:37  

Volunteer = an unpaid person who does things do the best of their ability ; for the benefit of others.

Professional=a fully paid person who does things to a standard commensurate with the price paid; for the benefit of themselves .

Every event on BM is organised by volunteers. Each volunteer has his or her past experience to draw on .

If the BM reputation was on the line for this event .
Who on earth decided to hand it over to people with little or no experience of large event planning?
Organising a rally for upto 500 peeps is bloody hard work .
That is where the real fault ,if any,lies.
Thinking ''how hard can it be. It'll be easy ;anyone can do it. It'll be all right on the day''.

Dusty x (A volunteer oop north)

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dustin666 @ 17/09/2013 15:14  

hi all.

i am so glad i went on the KISS rally. meeting ppl face to face is a lot better than their profiles.

i am rather angry about the administrator that commented about the KISS rally now being in the midlands from now on. cheeky bugger.

my congratulations to old red and ellie may to name just a few, for putting on this rally. the venue was brilliant. the food was excellent. and the band and disco were amazing.

i guess i will never have a KISS rally in Scotland now. thanks to some idiot admin.......

not happy, considering leaving the BM site after reading the admins comments. no respect.

a big hello to all of those i met at the rally. too many to mention. you all made it a great weekend.

ace of bass
aka grant

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Deleted Member @ 17/09/2013 15:22  

The admin you are refering to is not admin per say but the owner of BM !

Just to say the intention from day one was for the rally to move around but the hard part is finding folk willing to organise it !!!!

So to those folk who are asking for it to move ..... cone on down

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Brummie Jackie @ 17/09/2013 15:40  

cone on down ? Cant you say any think without a refference to ice cream

   Update Reply
JP @ 17/09/2013 15:48  

hi brummie Jackie,

so my money eg subs, is going to pay matts salary? or is he a volunteer, like ellie and old red?

something to think about....

ace of bass

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/09/2013 15:56  

Bearing in mind the wise comments of Dustin 666, perhaps Matt would consider hiring some Professional help for future Rally volunteers to ensure the Rally's success and BM's image..

I myself, really enjoyed the great fellowship of all the BM members at the KISS on the 13th.-15th.

Will attend the next one, regardless of where it's held. Thanks to those that organised this past event..

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Rogerb @ 17/09/2013 15:59  

What gets me is members who didn't even attend are voicing their opinions.
Yes the site was good, plenty of space for loads more tents, and well drained ground preventing Glastonbury type conditions.
As for catering, food was advertised to be available all day, the fact was not so, if you are not in a position to have all the gear, then being forced to go offsite for food and drink is perhaps not a sensible or safe thing to do if you had a few drinks the night before. Before anyone says that breakfasts were available, yes I know they were, but if people wanted to have a lie in before being too adventurous, that is what they would have to do.
When folks can't leave their gear onsite without some idiot turning it upside down and leaving it strewn all over, then the question has to be asked,' where were the organizers'? Site security left a lot to be desired, there were a lot of expensive machines on that field and if someone could get away with wrecking someone else property, whats to stop someone waiting for the opportunity to drive onsite with a large vehicle and drive away with a small fortune in bikes.

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Deleted Member @ 17/09/2013 16:15  

Can't understand why people thought the rally was too far away. it took me two and hours from South yorkshire so I would think most people could have done it in fours from wherever they lived.
As a biker part of the enjoyment of attending events is the ride to and from them.
By moving the Kiss rally around the country gives you a chance to ride on different roads.
I've noticed that those who complain about events never organise them. Do they realise how much time and effort is put into organising things.
Those that do oraganise events organise them near thier homes so they can check out the venues to ensure they are suitable.
If you want an event near you. then organise one.
I know the kiss rally had a few problems but the majority of attendees were not aware of them and enjoyed themselves.
The reason numbers were down may have been due to :
personal finanacial reasons or:
poor weather forecast or :
it's not on my doorstep or maybe:
Just couldn't be arsed

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Vladamir @ 17/09/2013 18:10  

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