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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

21st to 23rd June 2013 The 27th Farmyard Party by Yorkshire MAG

21st to 23rd June 2013   The 27th Farmyard Party by Yorkshire MAG (8) - Forums [Biker Match] 21st to 23rd June 2013   The 27th Farmyard Party by Yorkshire MAG (8) - Forums [Biker Match]
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21st to 23rd June 2013 The 27th Farmyard Party by Yorkshire MAG

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Where's this farmyard, then?

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 18/06/2013 18:51  

its in yorkshire xk surely you know that and if your coming you have to be on your best behaviour ok we are sorting the tent etc so we will be allllll ready for friday morning

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 18/06/2013 20:02  

Arr, the amber nectar, is calling,
Not long now!,,

   Update Reply
gazza123 @ 18/06/2013 20:41  

will there be folk drinking alcohol there? it sounds rather dodgy to me, i was expecting a nice farm experience, with a children's petting area and donkey rides and of course a wiry old farmer in a smock chewing a stem of wheat.

   Update Reply
xj @ 18/06/2013 23:49  

there'll be no children petting or donkey riding, they don't allow that.

I think I'll be moderating my alcohol intake this weekend, can still remember the hangover from the party I ended up at in the Highlands this weekend.

   Update Reply
akceller8 @ 18/06/2013 23:54  

Yeeehah! Im going to bed to sleep, i aint been this excited about going to bed to sleep in yonks! Nite peeps ...

You might see some sheep n cattle in the pastures, beware of the highland coos on the road on the way in, they are occasionally skittish n run the wrong way i.e. towards ya.... All part of the fun!!! Ride em cowboy!!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 18/06/2013 23:58  


   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 19/06/2013 05:57  

aaaaaaargggggh DEBZ! Get a grip on that GOB!!!! YOWZERS ...! Two more sleeps and only one more day at work - YAY!! hallelujah! How's his Lordship holding up? is he buckling under the excitement yet? I bet he's tearing his hair out (what little he's got! oops yeah my mouth running off with me too ....!!!! - SORRY Russ ) with you, you excitable, bundle of fun - driving him mad no doubt! Top Gal!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 19/06/2013 13:22  

Use girls have to calm down or you'll be too tired for the weekend

   Update Reply
BigRay @ 19/06/2013 15:00  

i finish at lunchtime goin over to speedstyle to get my arai back and then off to york to get pair of shorts then home to pack for party time woooohoooo

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 19/06/2013 18:18  

Calm down, you say? we are never calm ... it takes a lot of doing to be this giddy!

Not long now ... one more day at work and then .... Woohoo!!

Anyone know what the weather is supposed to do?

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 19/06/2013 21:50  

Hello mad people we may have some rain at night but you will all be drunk Saul you will not notice and if I get there I will not be running through the long grass in a kilt

   Update Reply
BigRay @ 19/06/2013 22:50  

Thanks for the weather update BigRay much appreciated LOL!

Gawd damn, no one seems to be volunteering for the kilt wearing ...

My whole weekend being successful hinges on this very IMPORTANT key element... I'm ever hopeful

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 19/06/2013 23:09  

Well if you get me drunk you mate no what will happen!!!!!

   Update Reply
BigRay @ 19/06/2013 23:29  

LOL! Now I would love to see you sprinting down the field in a kilt ... it might be worth takign an extra bottle of Jack!!! Tee Hee ....

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 19/06/2013 23:31  

all true Scotsman love running through fields with long grass and jaggy bets that tickle your fancy. I will have to look for a kilt

   Update Reply
BigRay @ 19/06/2013 23:39  

oooh BigRay... promises, promises... LOL!!

Going to bed now, so when I get up in about 6 hours time it will be one (1) more BIG SLEEP nite all x

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 19/06/2013 23:58  

wooohoooo only half a work day and one more sleeep tooo go !!!!!!!

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 20/06/2013 05:44  

Farmyard cancelled due to lack of interest

   Update Reply
JP @ 20/06/2013 06:06  

hey you bugger off trying to upset eveyone boooooooo !!!
gonna miss you there hun wish you were coming wiv us xx

   Update Reply
zzrbabe42 @ 20/06/2013 06:08  

 Posts: 197       Pages: 8/10

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