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pilly day down south

pilly day down south - Forums [Biker Match] pilly day down south - Forums [Biker Match]
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pilly day down south

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hey guys theres a few of us riders going to brightonia so where are the pillys off the site that want a lift lets have a southern softies day out

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baza 2458 @ 12/09/2012 14:32  

Nice one Baz :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 12/09/2012 15:40  

Hi Bazza. Thankis for this - you've guessed it - I'd love to ride pilly to brighton or wherever. But, being totally blind, I really need picking up either from home or from somewhere where I can get to easily. I live in West London, W12. Can anyone help? Bazza...I don't think you realise quie how difficult it is for me to get somewhere like one of the southern meets - this is the problem. Hope you understand.

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alfarogers @ 13/09/2012 08:18  

hi alfa i do understand your problem and i will do my best to find a rider in your area but sorry i cant make any garentees for volunteers

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baza 2458 @ 13/09/2012 08:50  

it really nice to see that we are getting response from members shame there all from north of watford gap

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baza 2458 @ 14/09/2012 08:24  

My Pilly seat is vacant for this event, if there is any pilly who wants to go to Brightona on the Sunday 14th October from the Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne area's, either PM me or put a lift request on the events calender, i will check the requests regularly. Come on Southern Pillys come and have a day out with us

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DAVE VM @ 14/09/2012 08:50  

it seems to me that there cant be any pillys down south this thread as been up over a week and only one pilly responded or may be its to cold for them cant say us southern softies havent tried arranging any thing to get peeps to gether

   Update Reply
baza 2458 @ 16/09/2012 18:34  

I've started a new thread on events and rideout forum to try and generate some interest in this event. See if that sparks up any interest .

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 17/09/2012 01:07  

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