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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out


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Thought your 'flaps' only had the one setting sparky.....Open wider than the throttle..

   Update Reply
old red @ 28/08/2012 19:45  

throttle for speed, flaps for lift Red No flaps no flight

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 28/08/2012 19:49  

Bump Come on ppl time is running out get your name down b4 the ferry's get full

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 29/08/2012 17:27  

I may just wear the mankini at K.I.S.S Squadron Leader Sparky.
That should get them scrambling for the ferries to Europe sir.

   Update Reply
old red @ 29/08/2012 19:02  

I dont thik i am going to be able to get along to this ... but will defo keep my eye out for the next one

   Update Reply
Roughie @ 30/08/2012 12:36  

May 17th 2013 Roughie, a full week of it then, see you there..

   Update Reply
old red @ 30/08/2012 13:10  

Oh no, that's not a school holiday (I'm still restricted even though my girls are adults because I work there!). I'll be keeping the home fires burning... again

   Update Reply
Carolerd350 @ 30/08/2012 16:27  

Dammit Carole...Throw a sicky....We need numbers for this invasion... Your country needs you... Now she's gonna come back and tell me she's French and teaches it in school! Oh merde...C'est la vie...J'morte..

   Update Reply
old red @ 30/08/2012 16:33  

Still only 5 of us?
Promise this will be a fun filled weekend!! We are having a rideout on the Saturday! This is just for a long weekend and we will be back on Sunday, all ready for work on the Monday Come and join us

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/08/2012 18:11  

And...dont forget to behave... Miss is watching..closely..

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/08/2012 19:17  

Old fart aint going on this one Jen, so it's down to thier own moral code of conduct, says it all eh!

   Update Reply
old red @ 30/08/2012 20:35  

Do they have a code then Red ???????? lol

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/08/2012 20:51  

Yup they sure do....Morse bloody code!!.....I can't understand a dash or a dot of it!

   Update Reply
old red @ 30/08/2012 21:49  

Carolerd350. We never leave a good man behind, so I will arrange for the Squadron Leader to break formation after what will be a successful raid, and deliver either a cheese eating surrender monkey (possibly an onion seller), as some sort of love slave, or a huge box of chocolate type things.

He was rather taken with Belgian confectionery, on our last trip, created in to the shape of the male appendage. Small but perfectly formed.

Just like him!

Pip, pip.

   Update Reply
tri885 @ 30/08/2012 22:47  

Carolerd350 Dont believe a word of wot he says couldnt get him (Tri885) away from the shop window where all them chocolate willies were. Up up an away In answer to your question Jen we have a very strong code of conduct but for this trip we are planning on leaving it behind. thanks to all the would be fliers who would like to come but wont for whatever reason ie it might be wet, you all might drink to much, are you having a ride out, the answer to all these question is a resalute yes well part from it might rain thats only a possibility We are the 5 bikers of the apocolypse

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 30/08/2012 23:35  

The KISS is over howz about some of u lovely ppl joiing this happy band of morons to France

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 03/09/2012 11:49  

After meeting us Pete at the KISS rally, we may never meet another living soul off this site

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/09/2012 13:14  

No i don't think you will

   Update Reply
xj @ 03/09/2012 19:21  

Ellie/xj speak for yourselves I wasnt a pick of bother, it wasnt me playin loud music in the middle of the night keeping eveyone awake but thats cos I was sound asleep really early becos Id had an extremely hard morning at the office lol

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 03/09/2012 19:31  

Hope you will be able to keep up with us in France Pete, you can't slow us down and we leave no one behind alive

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 06/09/2012 16:46  

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