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Squadron leader Sprint56 and Air vice Marshall tri885 are planning another sortie this time to France sep.14-16 this is a weekend and all are welcome even pillions, maybe able to get a full squadron together

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 11/08/2012 21:27  

oh here it is... Thanks Squadron Leader, it's now on the calendar Chocks away! wot O

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 11/08/2012 23:11  

I'll be there already,in Reims that weekend returning from the south of France,will be in the car though! A full itinery already,but enjoy your run.

   Update Reply
Sprint900 @ 11/08/2012 23:16  

We will be coming in out of the sun, fast and low. We will locate the secret Stella Artois munitions factory, and empty it.

If I don,t come back Ginger, you can have my egg!

   Update Reply
tri885 @ 11/08/2012 23:26  

If you come back Ginger we'll know you've dyed your hair

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 11/08/2012 23:31  

Bloody hell I'll already be over in south of France checking out a few places for a BM organised tour (for next year) the same week

Germany and South of France tours for next year

   Update Reply
madscots @ 12/08/2012 01:58  

If I come back ginger, Sandi, I'll have had to grow some hair first!

   Update Reply
tri885 @ 12/08/2012 15:10  

If you come back with ginger 'Old Red's' with you!!! I'd be your pilly Pete but I have no passport 'Phew' he says!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 12/08/2012 15:46  

Elli passports are dead asy to get u fill the form in and send it away with numerous amounts of shekels and it comes back ready to use. Phew never, u should know better

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 12/08/2012 18:25  

Bumpaty bump scramble the fokkers are at 12 o'clock choks away for queen and country oh and BM

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 13/08/2012 18:07  

Pete, what sort of planes are the Fokkers flying?

   Update Reply
tri885 @ 13/08/2012 19:51  

Fokkers are the plane flown by bassars keep ur eyes peeled they come outta the sun

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 13/08/2012 20:14  

France trip needs You all you adventurous BM bikers who moan that there is no rideouts in your area come along and put your name down and join the party raid of Lille. First drinks on the Squadron leader and sure the Air vice marshall will get the second ones. So no excuses

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 15/08/2012 19:03  

I keep telling you......I'd go if I had a passport

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/08/2012 19:22  

GO get it girl and get Dave to get his to aint no excuse's cos once u got them u can use them over and over and over again

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 15/08/2012 22:10  

Ellie, he won't let up!!

Get yourself off to Peterborough, or wherever you have to go.

Will be canvassing for more volunteers come the chilled weekend!

Suddenly got a clenching sensation in me wallet. That bloody Pete is offering to bankrupt me with the second round. Bugger!

   Update Reply
tri885 @ 16/08/2012 07:56  

Poss new recruiting office opening in Rotherham, we nbeed numbers and dont care where we get them from not enough southereners interested so all northerners welcome but dont want fighting in the ranks, no football or rugdy colours allowed cricket colours will be tolerated as long as they are white.

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 17/08/2012 06:20  

Bump. We are very dis-apointed by the lack of enthusiasm

   Update Reply
SPRINT56 @ 20/08/2012 18:19  

I'm having loads of fun just reading the posts in here so come on you lot get your names down, join the nutters erm...I mean BMers on this jolly spiffing reccie of France.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/08/2012 18:35  

BTW Squadron Leader, have you decided on a destination yet? I can add it to the calendar.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/08/2012 18:39  

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