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General Chat/Anything Goes

What was the first record you ever bought ?

What was the first record you ever bought ? (2) - Forums [Biker Match] What was the first record you ever bought ? (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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What was the first record you ever bought ?

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First single Beatles Please please me

First album Otis Redding Dock of the Bay

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Alice2 @ 16/07/2012 23:23  

My first single was Lets Hang on to what we got by the 4 Seasons. It was a prize in a competition on a smiths crisps packet. I correctly counted the number of triangles in a geometric design My first album bought with gift token was the Voice of Scott Mackenzie My first cd (when I had to replace albums I lost custody of in marital breakup....gggrrrrrr) Best of Van Morrison

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Minnie the Minx @ 16/07/2012 23:53  

My first single....Puppy Love - Donny Osmond ........and I had the big 'Donny' poster on my wall until my big bro scratched Donny's eyes out after a squabble! .........then I graduated to better music like Bay City Rollers!! lol

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purplepeopleeater @ 17/07/2012 03:13  

hmm dnt laff..
first 45 was...Rose Garden... Lynn Anderson!

First album I think was a Pickwick compilation Top of the Pops, had a predominantly blue cover with an Anna Rigg lookalike on the cover..prob still got it!
First artist on Vinyl album would have been Elton Johns Dnt Shoot Me...a great album.
the track 'teacher I need you' shoulda been a single!
Sold all my singles at a boot fair and now sorry.

First CD. prob Brothers In Arms...Dire Straits..

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rossoandy21 @ 17/07/2012 08:42  

Have no idea it was that long ago.... I remember I liked buying the 'Top of the Pops' albums and still have them. Funny looking at them now with my idol's names scrawled all over the covers!

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Blackberry @ 17/07/2012 16:33  

Was it vinyl or wax cylinders back then BB??

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Deleted Member @ 17/07/2012 16:56  

And here we have BBZ demonstrating one of our latest television aerials. You can come down off the roof now BBZ (Silly boy!)

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Sandi @ 17/07/2012 17:37  

Can't do that Sandi, got to stay there till the end of the programme.

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Deleted Member @ 17/07/2012 19:01  

come on back on topic!!

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rossoandy21 @ 18/07/2012 00:12  

I remember my Dad sending me up to the record shop in 1973 for Leader Of The Gang by Gary Glitter I was only 8 awwww It wasn't until i heard Bat out of Hell on the radio in 1979 that i saved my paper round money and bought the album I wore out the grooves by playing it over and over Gone were the days of Mud , Showaddywaddy and the Bay City Rollers after i heard Meatloaf .. i'd been converted

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Deleted Member @ 18/07/2012 03:30  

Sugar Sugar, The Archies.......but I wont admit to it!

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Noddy1 @ 18/07/2012 11:28  

Mine was This town ain`t big enough for the both of us .. Sparks .. Lp`s Bat out of Hell and Quo . 12 Gold Bars CD Pink Floyd .. The Wall

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nitro70 @ 18/07/2012 21:34  

Queen ....................Seven Seas Of Rye

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DAVE VM @ 18/07/2012 22:14  

Same era, (1973). Slade - Skweeze me, pleeze me. That isn't a spelling mistake.

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timhall @ 18/07/2012 22:27  

First single was the double A side reissue of Bohemian Rhapsody / These are the Days of Our Lives that was rushed out after freddie died..
Lost that tape in a car fire years back, I was gutted!

First album? Pretty sure it was the London Philharmonic's interpretation of Holst's : (the) Planet's Suite..

Either that, or Bat out of Hell II...

What can I say! I have Eclectic tastes!

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Deleted Member @ 19/07/2012 23:39  

I've just bought my first ever set of earphones in my whole life. Tested em out on 'knockin on Heavens Door' Guns n Roses followed by 'Civil War' Yeahhhhhhhh they work !!!!

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VFR800AJ @ 20/07/2012 17:00  

First 2 LP's were Fog on the tyne Lindisfarne,,and Relics pink Floyd,

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Sweeny Todd @ 20/07/2012 23:17  

First LP Bryan Ferry's 'These Foolish Things'... have just HAD TO play it now, got it on in the back ground from youtube...awwww excellent.

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Deleted Member @ 19/09/2012 16:14  

T rex - metal guru

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kwakgirl @ 19/09/2012 16:49  

1st LP was Deep Purple Made in Japan

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JP @ 19/09/2012 17:55  

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