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Farewell One and All

Farewell One and All - Forums [Biker Match] Farewell One and All - Forums [Biker Match]
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Farewell One and All

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And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
My friends, I'll say it clear
I'll state my case, of which I'm certain ...

Ok, no easy way to do this ... but I'm leaving BM! My subscription ends in a couple of days and I won't be renewing. This is not a call for support that I have seen so many, many times on this site, I truly will not be renewing!

Many of you won't even know me which is testimony in itself that I have been spending very little time in here over the past couple of years.

For those that do know me, all I will say is that both BM and myself have taken different paths of late. BM has been heading in one direction and I another.

That is not to say there is anything wrong with the route BM has taken, indeed part of me is very happy to see the website become the success it has because I know all too well how much time and effort (and cash) my good friend Matt has put into it.

It's just that it is not the same route that I'm on.

Those that do know me, of which there are lots, will know full well that I'm not into rallies, I hate camping (with a passion lol), I spend too much of my time working (either for work itself or for RoSPA) to make any of the meets and my views, in particular those relating to motorcycle safety (ahem), do tend to vary greatly from the general populus on this site.

However, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time as a member (and indeed as staff), I've seen many good times, I've seen some bad times, I've witnessed a number of controversies (and caused a couple lol) and I do truly hope that BM continues to get stronger and stronger.

There are many people on this site who I hope to remain friends with for a very long time to come and there are those that I hope to never see again lol!! As Bilbo would say, I don't know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve!!

So farewell. It's been fun and emotional. I am sure I will see many of you still at Squires and around and those on my Facebook will of course remain on my Facebook. And if there is one thing I feel I can say about my time on BikerMatch it is that I did it my way!

Goodbye. xx

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geoffb2005 @ 15/05/2012 07:46  

I'm gonna miss that fat ba*tard (Nah, not really - 'tis Roachy I'll miss).

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 15/05/2012 09:59  

Not another one!!...All the 'old' grizzlys seem to be leaving for pastures new...One of the first BM'ers I met at my first BM meet-Cat'n'Fiddle 2008- A man-sometimes frog-with such a wealth of knowledge and information, a great knack for stirring up a hornets nest, and gentleman enough to apologise if ever he were wrong.. A great assett to BM, has been and sadly will be missed on the forums..And on the site in general.. And the idiot above was also at that first meet!! Take care Geoff. When did you say I'll get paid for this post Geoff?

   Update Reply
old red @ 15/05/2012 10:13  

Ah man it will be really a sad shame to see you go and I hope you're still gonna come to our events this summer. We need to meet up and have a beer!

Thanks so much for your humour on the site over the years mate and for all your time and support as staff. Really will be a loss to the site if you choose to leave.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 15/05/2012 10:49  

Good luck for the future Geoff

   Update Reply
pinkstorm @ 15/05/2012 11:11  

Sad but enjoy whatever floats your boat

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Brummie Jackie @ 15/05/2012 15:06  

Sorry to hear you are leaving. It's a pitty, as you appeared on the forums quite a lot when I first joined. Giving good strong un-biased opinions, especially on road safety issues. We didn't actually meet, but not to worry. Good luck for the future

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davidneale @ 15/05/2012 18:53  

Bye Geoff Good luck with all you (and Roachy!) get up to

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 15/05/2012 21:06  

Well Geoff you are the one who captured my moment with the lamb at Tanhill, an event neither of us are likely to forget anyway I'm sure our paths will cross again, mine will with Rachel anyway via the Lippy Ladies, so see you around some time and all the best

   Update Reply
suzyamki @ 15/05/2012 21:19  

All the best to you and roachy hopefully see you at squires sometime

   Update Reply
JP @ 15/05/2012 22:51  

Eyup frogman......your nursing me out on my first proper ride out will never be forgotten....neither will your comments of "well, I've never been over Snake pass SOOOO's quite good scenery - I've never really had time to look at it before!" Love to you & Rachael & see ya on the other side day I'll get me camera off ya

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 16/05/2012 08:39  

Aww buggarations! Geoff I will miss your postings , you are an eloquent writer and were an excellent moderator, thanks for giving your time for us all. I expect the gas company keep you pretty busy with the adverts eh? I certainly hope I will see you and Rachel at some biker venue or other. Take care of each other, all the best Sandi

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 16/05/2012 18:00  

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